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Common Carpet Problems and How to Deal With Them

Just installing the new carpet in the room is not so important, rather how you keep it fresh and clean really matters. Literally, people install new carpet in the room and don’t take care of it properly. So with the passage of time, your carpet gets old and you have to encounter some common problems. A clean and dirt free carpet not only gives bright ambience to your room but also absorbs many germs and bacteria to keep the air fresh. So it becomes important to know the common carpet problems and how to deal with them. As the carpet gets old, normal wear and tear take place which you can fix easily using the tips and solutions mentioned in this blog.

Solutions to Five Common Carpet Problems:

  • Crushing - Carpet looks crushed when heavy furniture and constant foot traffic wears down the thickness of the carpet.
    Solution - To remove crushing marks, vacuum your carpet twice or thrice a month.

  • Color loss - The colour of the carpet starts fading when someone washes it in a haphazard manner or exposed to direct sunlight for a long duration.
    Solution - Avoid using dangerous chemicals while washing and protect your carpet from UV radiations. Use blind curtain or shades in the window and if possible close all windows to elude the carpet from direct sunlight.

  • Carpet looks dirty and soiled - There are too many reasons which make the carpet dirty and soiled. Dust particles settle on your carpet and make it dirty. People often enter the room with dirty shoes thereby making the carpet dirty.
    Solution - Vacuum the carpet regularly and request people to rack their shoes at the room entrance. Your deference can help you in keeping your carpet from blemishing without upsetting the guests.

  • Wrinkles and buckles - When carpet is not installed properly then it may wrinkle. Definitely, this is not normal and you must fix it immediately.
    Solution - There is no fixed rules for carpet installation but make sure that carpet is evenly stretched and has no uneven surface beneath.

  • Odor - Before buying the carpet, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Products like caustic cleaner and chlorine not only damage the fibres but also the odour from such things is intolerable.
    Solution - These types of odour are not permanent. After a couple of weeks, such foul odour disappears. However, to dissipate odour it is advisable to open all windows, turn on the fan and keep the room airy and ventilated.

Wrapping It Up - Carpet cleaning is not a big deal; you just need to know the proper way. However, it is advisable to hire a professional cleaner at least once a year to clean your carpet. Professional cleaning services have the proper equipment and resolve all common and rare carpet problems effectively and efficiently.

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